Dependences between the milk protein characteristics in cattle and offspring


A.P. Palii, T.L. Osipenko, L.S. Patryeva, H.F. Chechui, N.O. Kirovych, S.Y. Kosenko,I.V. Nikolenko, V.S. Kalabska, Y.A. Boyko, A.P. Paliy

First of all, the quality of milk depends on zootechnical factors influencing its change in the process of formation in the cow's body. To improve the quality of milk, we need to establish the degree of influence of these factors on milk components. One of the important factors that affect the indicators of protein content is the value of the mother according to these characteristics. The article considers the influence of the genetic factor (mother's productivity) on the indicators of protein content in milk and milk protein of their daughters. Studies have found that, according to the first lactation, the increase in the milk protein yield of daughters with an increase in the same indicator of mothers was much more intense compared to the second and third lactations. The degree of influence on the first lactation was 6.9%, on the second - 4.6%, on the third - 4.4%, on the average - 4.3%. Regarding the dependences of the protein content of mothers and daughters on the number of lactation, similar trends are observed as for the yield of milk protein. The degrees of influence are: for the first lactation - 3.9%, for the second - 1.0%, for the third - 0.2% and on the average - 2.3%. With increasing protein content and milk protein yield in mothers, the corresponding signs in daughters also increase. However, protein content and milk protein yield in mothers and daughters are not linearly related. We found the highest association between mothers' and daughters' productivity in animals with high productivity levels. In low-productivity animals, this connection is weakly expressed.

Keywords: cattle; milk; milk protein; lactation; degree of influence



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