A Comparative Study Of Spore Morphology Of The Subfamily Cryptogrammoideae Genera


A. V. Vaganov

Using the method of scanning electronic microscopy (SEM), a comparative study of twelve representatives of subfamily Cryptogrammoideae S.Linds. family Pteridaceae E.D.M.Kirchn. was carried out. A comparative study of morphological characters of investigated spores has revealed characters that allow considering the relatedness of the studied species to one subfamily – Cryptogrammoideae. These characters include: spore form is roundish-triangular, lociniate in proximal-polar and distal-polar positions; spore contour is low-crenate to smooth; distal side of the spore in an equatorial position is convex; rays of laesura are straight, raised over a sporoderm surface; exosporium is clearly defined from fine-granulate to verrucate.


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