A New Weevil Tribe, Mekorhamphini Trib. Nov. (coleoptera, Ithyceridae) With Two New Genera In Burmese Amber


G. O. Poinar, A. E. Brown, A. A. Legalov

A new tribe, Mekorhamphini trib. n., two new genera Mekorhamphus gen. n. and Habropezus gen. n. and two new species (M. gyralommus sp. n. and H. plaisiommus sp. n.) are described from Burmese amber. The new tribe resembles the tribe Mesophyletini but differs from the latter by possessing contiguous procoxal cavities and very wide elytra with regular striae. From the tribe Anchineini, it differs by the contiguous procoxal cavities, precoxal portion of the prosternum elongated, and swollen trochanters. The new taxa can be distinguished from modern Carini by having antennae attached near the middle of the rostrum, an elongated precoxal portion of the prosternum and enlarged trochanters. <

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