About Species Independence Of Polystichum Subtripteron Tzvel.


I. A. Kreshchenok, T. A. Sinitsyna, M. G. Kutsev, S. V. Smirnov, A. I. Shmakov

The article discusses the species independence of Polystichum subtripteron Tzvel. The spore structure and size of 2 closely related species – P. subtripteron and P. tripteron were studied. Morphological differences of fronds fit into the overall range of variation; there are no differences in the spore external structure. DNA fragment analysis (ISSR) of 19 specimens of both species was conducted. Fragment analysis revealed no significant differences between P. tripteron and P. subtripteron samples. All differences are probably due to genetic isolation of populations, and the island populations are closer together. On the basis of the research we conclude that in the Far East one species Polystichum tripteron grows, and P. subtripteron can be considered its synonym.


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