Agro-ecological and biological aspects of the components selection for mixed sowings of forage crops


S. Poltoretskyi, V. Prykhodko, N. Poltoretska, E. Prokopenko, H. Demydas

Analytical review of domestic and foreign literary sources concerning ecological-and-biological features of the components choosing of mixed corn sowings with high-protein crops for the formation of the highest yields of high-qualitative fodders is given. As a result of the conducted analysis it was found that scientists do not have a common opinion regarding the optimal variety composition of the mixtures when growing for forage. However, the mixed sowings of corn with high-protein components compared with single-crop sowings can provide higher yields of herbage and getting of digestible protein. At the same time, compatible sowing contributes to the improvement of growth processes of all crops under optimizing of water and nutrient soil regimes, light and temperature conditions and photosynthesis processes by above-ground mass of plants.
Keywords: Corn; high-protein crops; single-crop and mixed sowing; yield; fodder quality; digestible protein; fodder unit
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