N. Telekalo*, M. Mordvaniuk, H. Shafar and O. Matserа

It is presented the results of field investigations from study the effect of pre-sowing seeds treatment by inoculants and foliar fertilizing by complex fertilizers on the peas and chickpeas cultivations. It is elaborated new science-technology methods of leguminous crops growing, on an example of peas and chickpeas to stabilize agricultural production, what will give the opportunity to estimate the efficiency of bean-rhizobia symbiosis under applying of different strain inoculants adaptive to this kind of crops and complex fertilizers with content of macro-and micronutrients for foliar fertilizing.
The results of study the efficiency of combine use of bacterial preparations, such as Rizoline and Groundfix on the mineral fertilizing background N30P60K60 on the pea’s genders, and also applying double foliar fertilizing by complex fertilizers and insecticide-fungicide preparation in the phases of three true leaves and budding are presented in this article. The most favorable conditions for chickpeas yield formation are drawn up under applying seeds inoculation and two foliar fertilizations in the intensive grow phase and budding phase, the average yield index in 2016-2017 years on this variant was obtained 2.76 t/ha.

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