Agroecological Testing Of Spring Cereal Varieties In The Northern Steppe Of Ukraine


A. D. Gyrka, I. O. Kulyk, O. O. Pedash, O. O. Viniukov, V. A. Ischenko

Here are presented the results of the analysis of available variety assortment and grain yields of different varieties of spring small cereals: barley, oat, wheat and triticale towards their agroecological genetic flexibility and grain productivity in changing hydrothermal conditions. We marked the varieties, which characterized by high genetic potential of grain yield in a wide range of variation of average air temperatures and conditions of water provision. In the conditions of the Northern Steppe of Ukraine in 2011-2015 the high crop yields (3.60-3.64 t/ha) formed varieties of spring barley: Galaktyk, Statok and Vsesvit. Among the oats varieties the best crop yields (3.34-3.46 t/ha) provided Iren and Spurt and it was specified as almost the best barley variety according to this indicator. The Spadschyna and Kharkivs’ka-39 varieites had the best crop yield among the spring wheat (1.74-1.81 t/ha). Spring triticale had the lowest grain yield among spring crops (1,07-1,21 t/ha) due to the low weight of 1000 grains and insufficient grain yield per ear. <

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