Amphipoda (crustacea) Of Kharkov Region


S. A. Sidorovsky

This research was focused on distribution of Amphipoda in Kharkiv region. The list of Amphipoda species of Kharkiv region was composed. It includes species that belong to 5 genera of 2 families: Synurella ambulans (F. Muller, 1846), Gammarus pulex (Linnaeus, 1758), Gammarus lacustris (Sars, 1863), Pontogammarus robustroides (Sars, 1895) Pontogammarus obesus (Sars, 1896 ), Gmelina pusilla (Sars, 1896) and Corophium curvispinum (Sars, 1895). G. pusilla was registered in Kharkiv Region for the first time. The identification key for Amphipoda of Kharkov region was performed.


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