A.A. Legalov*

Taxonomic entities included in the present key are: new tribe Sipalomimini Legalov, trib. n. (type genus Sipalomimus Voss, 1958), subtribe Echinocnemina Legalov, subtrib. n. (type genus Echinocnemus Schoenherr, 1843) of the tribe Erirhinini, subtribes Crepidotina Legalov, subtrib. n. (type genus Crepidotus Schoenherr, 1838) and Laogenina Legalov, subtrib. n. (type genus Laogenia Pascoe, 1874) of the tribe Litosomini, Geochina Legalov, subtrib. n. (type genus Geochus Broun, 1882) of the tribe Phrynixini Kuschel, 1964, Alaocybites dubatolovi Legalov, sp. n. from Khabarovskii Krai are described. The systematic positions of Storeini Lacordaire, 1863, placem. n. and Dorytomini Bedel, 1886, placem. n. are changed. Changes of status for Sitophila Csiki, 1936, stat. n., Diocalandrina Zimmerman, 1993, stat. n., Stenoscelidina Wollaston, 1877, stat. n., Choerorhinina Folwaczny, 1973, stat. n. and Sphenocorynina Lacordaire, 1865, stat. n. are made. Statuses of Dorytomini Bedel, 1886, stat. res., Rhyncolina Gistel, 1856, stat. res., Onycholipini Wollaston, 1873, stat. res. and Himatinini Konishi, 1962, stat. res. are recovered. New synonyms, Aphyllurini Voss, 1955, syn. n. to Pseudomimina Voss, 1939 and Proecini Voss, 1956, syn. n. to Cossonini Schoenherr, 1825 are established. A keys to the tribes and subtribes of Erirhininae, Dryophthorinae and Cossoninae are provided. Systematic lists of tribes and subtribes of Entiminae are given.

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