Antibacterial activity and identification by GC/MS of the chemical composition of essential oils of Juniperus phoenecea and Juniperus oxycedrus L. from Western Algeria: Tiaret province


A.H.A. Boukhaloua*, M. Berrayah, F. Bennabi, A. Ayache and F. Abdeldjebar

Extraction by hydrodistillation and characterization by GC/MS of essential oils from the aerial part of the two species of the Juniperus genus: Juniperus phoenecea and Juniperus oxycedrus, harvested in the province of Tiaret; showed the presence of seventeen compounds in J. oxycedrus oil, the main constituents of which were: hydrocarbon monoterpenes (69.2%), α-pinene (29.1%), β-copaene (19.3%), β-pinene (17.6%), limonene (12.1%), α-fenchene (5.1%). The J. phenecea manifested thirteen components, the main constituents of which were: β-pinene (35.7%), α-pinene (21.3%), β-coepane (8.3%) and p-cymene (6, 6%) and segmaterpinene (3.7%). While the antimicrobial activity of the two essential oils carried out on bacteria referenced (Gram+) and (Gram-); showed good activity on all the bacteria tested, with the exception of the Pseudomonas strain which proved to be very resistant to Juniperus phoeneceae while the Juniperus oxycedrus oil is active on all the bacterial strains tested unlike the strain staphylococcus.

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