Application of mannan oligosaccaharides (Alltech Inc.) in waterfowl: Optimal dose and effectiveness


O.I. Kasianenko, S.M. Kasianenko, A.P. Paliy, R.V. Petrov, M.D. Kambur, A.A. Zamaziy, L.P. Livoshchenko, Ye.M. Livoshchenko, S.M. Nazarenko, Zh.E. Klishchova, A.P. Palii


The search for alternatives to antibiotics intensifies the use of effective, natural, safe and economical means of protecting the macroorganism from the action of pathogenic microflora. In vitro experiments have established the ability of 0.1-0.4% of mannan oligosaccharides (Alltech Inc.) to adsorb isolates of E. coli O2 and enterobacteria (P. vulgaris, K. pneumonia, C. diversus) with the most active process occurring with 0.4% solution. Introduction of mannan oligosaccharides (Alltech Inc.) in amount 4 kg/t into the diet of ducklings provides regulation of intestinal microbiocenosis based on a decrease in the concentration of pathogenic microorganisms and an increase in the concentration of lacto- and bifidobacteria (p<0.05). The immunomodulatory and growth-stimulating effect of mannan oligosaccharides (Alltech Inc.) has been proved by increasing the bactericidal activity of serum by 34.85% (p<0.05), lysozyme activity of serum - by 33.82% (p<0.05), phagocytic index - by 32.81% (p<0.05), phagocytic number - by 28.37% (p<0.05); increase in poultry survival by 9.0%, pre-slaughter live weight - by 14.3% and meat yield - by 4.8%.

Keywords: Mannan oligosaccharides; Microorganisms; Adsorption; Natural resistance; Productivity; Poultry


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