Application of Surfagon and Ketaprofen for increasing fertility and preventing embryonic death in cows after insemination


A.Y. Kraevskiy, V.M. Sokolyuk, M.O. Travetskiy, O.M. Chekan, Y.V. Musiienko

Nowadays only 30–50% of inseminated cows actually calve and the majority of pregnancy loses happens during the first 2–3 weeks after insemination. Fertility rate of heifers and cows with average milk production is from 90% to 100%, but in high producing animals that are influenced by stress, such rate can be reduced to 80%. Our experimental researches were conducted in conditions of dairy farms of Poltava and Kharkiv regions of Ukraine in summer of 2020. Estrus synchronizing in cows was started from 50-60 days after calving in Summer time. To prevent Infectious Rinotracheitis, Viral Diarrhea, Parainfluenza 3 in dairy herds cows were vaccinated with polyvalent vaccinations usually before or at the beginning of dry period. Before estrus synchronization trans-rectal sonographic examination was done in all cows to determine condition of uterus and ovaries. During the trial the herd of cows was divided in two groups depending on length of period from calving to estrus synchronizing. In the first group were cows up to 90 days after calving, in the second group – 91 and more days. We registered that Estrus synchronization accordingly to OVSYNCH protocol in 50-90 days (first group) and 91 and more days (second group) after the calving and using Surfagon on day 5 after insemination promote an increasing of cows fertility in the second group on 5.8% compare to control. At the same time combined using of Surfagon on 5-th and Ainil on 11-th day after insemination in cows of first group promotes their fertility on 7.5% compare to control animals of this group, and in the second group this increased on 12.6%. At the time of repeated pregnancy diagnostic of cows in 60-65 days there was established absence of previously determined pregnancy in 5.0-11.0% of animals, that was the evidence of late embryonic death. When Surfagon was used in cows on day 5 after insemination frequency of embryonic death was decreased in 1.7 times or by 4.7% compare to the control group of cows. Combined using of Surfagon on day 5 and Ainil on day 11 promoted decreasing of embryonic death in 2.3 times or by 6.4% (

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