Architecture in age of climate change and energy savings, case in Arak city


F. Karkhaneh, S. van Ghorbani, A. Mohammadi

This article with once over on affection climate change in architecture. Also above article attention to show suggestion about prevent energy waste and the use of renewable energy in this article is tried, review effect of climate change on ARAK city, also building and architectur. Undoubtedly, climate change and global warming is one of nowadays concerns the human. Hydrological changes temperature and precipitation in area level of green house gas emissions and output data and input global is evaluated.For this purpose output data modeling global until the end of 21 century for three period: 2039 -2010 -2069 -2040- 2099 -2070 with two way and geostatistical is comparison and evaluated. Part of sun ray in collision with layer of earth, absorption and other part, reflection. Amount of absorption is 70 % and amount of reflection is 30%. This ratio of absorption and amount of reflection makes earth optimum temperature, increased the average temperature of earth and makes phonomenon by name of global warming. This topic makes climate change, that’s means of change architecture: 1 – What factors makes this problem ? 2 – What architecture suggestion helps to this?

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