Assessment of cow lactation and milk parameters when applying various milking equipment


А.P. Palii, Yu.M. Handola, I.O. Shevchenko, A.O. Stotskyi, O.G. Stotskyi, A.I. Sereda, D.A. Levkin, L.G. Ulko, O.I. Shkromada, A.P. Paliy

Improving the composition and quality of milk is ensured by a systematic monitoring the health of animals in the herd, feeding conditions and their maintenance, introduction of new technical means of production and effective methods of milking. Thus, we found that the rate of full lactation in cows during milking with the ‘DeLaval’ milking unit was 73.8%, while when milking at the installation ADM-8A it was 73.5%. Milking with the ‘DeLaval’ equipment with asynchronous milking mode had a positive effect on the quality of cow’s milk: milk with a fat content of 4.17±0.01% was obtained, which is 0.27% more than when using ADM-8A (3.90±0.01%); a higher protein content in the milk of cows (3.32%) was detected, which is 0.09% higher than in milk obtained using a milking machine ADM-8A (3.23%); milk that contained more dry skim milk residue by 0.1% - 9.23% was obtained, against 9.13% obtained with the ADM-8A installation. A method for classifying the milk pipe-lines of milking parlors according to the destabilization of fat globules in milk at the level of <2%, 2-4%, 5-6% and >6% with the awarding of I, II, III and IV classes, respectively, has been developed.

Keywords: ?ow; lactation; milking process; milk quality; milking equipment; score



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