Assessment of fattening performance and slaughtering characteristics of young bulls from Aberdeen Angus breed, Volyn Meat breed, and Charolais breed


N. P. Svyrydenko, S. O Kostenko

This paper deals with the research of special features of fattening and slaughtering qualities of specialized meat cattle bred in Ukraine. It establishes special feature of the cattle growth intensity and development in terms of live weight gain and linear assessment of the exterior in the age from birth to 18 months. It has been established that young bulls of Volyn Meat breed were characterized by a higher slaughter yield of 61.7%. Charolais bulls of the same age had the highest carcass yield of 78.5%. Young Aberdeen Angus cattle had the highest fleshing index of 4.5 compared to 4.3 in bulls of the same age of other breeds.
Key words: Cattle; Meat breeds; Young bulls; Weight gain; Slaughtering qualities
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