O.V. Mudrak*, Yu.A. Yelisavenko, V.M. Polishchuk and G.V. Mudrak

The article presents the assessment of the forest ecosystems of the nature reserve fund of Eastern Podillya in the structure of the regional ecological network from the standpoint of forest-typological, forestry and administrative-territorial zoning. The research was carried out on the basis of the forest fund of 11 forest enterprises of the Vinnytsia Regional Forestry and Hunting Management. An analysis of taxonomic descriptions of the regional forestry showed that the quantitative index of the nature reserve fund within their boundaries is not optimal. As a result of field inspections, it has been established that a large proportion of the forest ecosystems of the nature reserve fund falls into the risk zone of biotic diversity loss against the backdrop of climate change in the region. Conducted field studies have made it possible to establish that in the Eastern Podillya, there is a risk of ecosystem diversity loss in 837.5 hectares of protected forest areas.

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