Assessment of Herbaceous Flora of Lower Tanawal, Pakistan


A. Bibi, Z. Iqbal, Gh.M. Shah, M. Ahmad, A. Majid, A. Khan, S.H. Shah

The present work has been carried out to collect information about herbaceous flora of Lower Tanawal District Abbottabad, KP, and Pakistan. Herbaceous species are vital constituents of ecosystems. Floristic studies have increasing importance in recent years to evaluate the plant wealth. During the present research study there are total 187 plant species (herbs) belonging to 60 families and 146 genera were recorded from the study area. Out of 60 families Asteraceae was the most dominant family with 22 species and 18 genera and other main contributing families were Lamiaceae (16 species and 12 genera), Poaceae, (14 species and 12 genera), Fabaceae (12 species and 7 genera), Brassicaceae (7 species and 7 genera) and Rubiaceae (6 species and 2 genera). The most dominant life from was wild.

Keywords: Floristic; Species; Herbaceous; Lower Tanawal; Pakistan



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