A.V. Chugai, T.A. Safranov, O.V. Mudrak* and Н.V. Mudrak

Under the influence of industry, energy, transport, agriculture and other sectors of the economy, as well as urbanization, the technogenic load on the territory of the Northwest Black Sea (Ukraine) is increasing. The purpose of the work is to evaluate and analyze the technogenic load on the environment of Odessa, Mykolaiv and Kherson regions, which are included in the designated territory. To evaluate and analyze the level of technogenic load, the principle of calculation of the module of technogenic load was applied. It is also suggested to calculate individual load modules for the environmental components: air pool, water bodies, soil cover and geological environment. It is established that the volume of pollutants into the atmosphere and the discharge of wastewater into surface water objects the maximum level of man-made load is noted for Odessa region, the minimum - for Kherson region. According to the indicators of waste generation and accumulation, the Mykolaiv region is experiencing the greatest load. By the value of the technogenic load module maximum values are characteristic for the territory of Odessa region.

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