Assessment the impact of women's security, vitality and green space on Majlesi city land valuation by hedonic price method (Esfahan Province, Iran)


A. Mousavi, E.S. Madani, O. Iranpour

Social issues such as women's security and vitality and environmental issues, such as green space, are not traded in the markets and hence lack specific prices. At the same time, this is one of the major factors affecting the acceptance and pricing of land prices in newly built towns. The purpose of this research is to assessment the impact of urban security and vitality on women, as well as the urban green space index on land economic value in Majlesi and, finally, to propose ideas for increasing land prices, creating economic prosperity and sustainable income. In this research, the valuation of these resources was carried out by indirect methodology. In this way, the preference for land purchase will increase the demand in that area and affect its price. Affective variables in the security debate in urban space include activity and productivity, accessibility and communication, social relationships, comfort and relaxation, and was studied in the field of vitality, economic, social, environmental and cultural vitality. Also, based on the calculation of landscape metrics, the status of this parameter was determined in the landform. The results of quantitative and quantitative researches in the Hedonic Price Method showed a significant positive correlation between the cultural and social values of the place for women, the index of green space in the neighborhood and the price of land in the Majlesi city, Esfahan Province, Iran.

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