Aubrieta deltoidea (L.) DC. (Brassicaceae) in Ukraine and Eastern Europe


A.P. Illinska, S.V. Klymenko, M.S. Kalista, O.V. Grygorieva

The genus Aubrieta Adans. includes 12-24 species naturally distributed in South-West Asia (mainly in Anatolia) and in South and Southeast Europe. Most of these species grow in mountain, subalpine and alpine altitudinal belts. The most common is A. deltoidea (L.) DC. It has long been known as a garden ornamental plant in Western Europe and in other countries. During the last 10-15 years, plants of this species began to be cultivated in Ukraine and in Eastern Europe. For the genus and for A. deltoidea, the nomenclature, basic synonymy, complete morphological description, ecological affinity, range, and also features of distribution in Ukraine and in Eastern Europe are given at the first time. Based on the analysis and generalization of ecological and biological specificity, features of plant distribution and cultivation, it was suggested that in the climatic conditions of Ukraine A. deltoidea plants may run wild and form spontaneous populations.

Keywords: Aubrieta deltoidea; ornamental plants; potential ergasiophyte; flora of Ukraine

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