Balanced and protective forest melioration in Lugansk region (south-eastern Ukraine)


Yu.M. Belay, V.V. Goroshko, S.P. Raspopina, A.Yu. Hordiiashchenko, S.V. Stankevych*, L.V. Golovan and I.V. Klymenko

Today in Ukraine, both in forestry and agriculture, the problem of preservation, reproduction, and expansion of protective forest plantations has become acute. Productivity and protective afforestation conditions have significantly deteriorated due to unauthorized felling; their deaths from fires, littering with household waste. The issue of acquiring ownership of protective forest plantations is acute. In the conditions of uncertainty of owners of field protective forest belts and mismanagement, in the corresponding plantings, fellings of care, formation, and support of a necessary design are not carried out. All this leads to an increase in erosion processes, a significant reduction in soil fertility, and a reduction in crop yields. The experience of using ecological-landscape approaches to forest-reclamation arrangement of agricultural landscapes in the historical and spatial aspect is analyzed. Conceptual approaches to the design of protective afforestation in an ecological-landscape system of agriculture are considered. The general problems of modern agroforestry in the context of reforming land relations are outlined, and the experience of their solution in the Luhansk region (Ukraine) is presented.

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