Benthic Fauna And Communities Of The Lagoon Water Bodies Of The White Sea By The Example Of Lake Kislo-sladkoe


M. V. Chertoprud, E. S. Chertoprud, D. M. Palatov, A. A. Novichkova

In the present research the investigation of the lake Kislo-Sladkoe, a small brackish lagoon on the coast of Kandalakshsky Gulf of the White Sea, was conducted. In total 21 species of macrobenthic invertebrates identified and seven types of macrobenthic communities, derived from marine, estuarial and freshwater types, descried. Also, six meiobenthic species of the order Harpacticoida were found. The ecological peculiarities of the macro and meiobenthic taxa and the comparison with the biota of other brackish waters of the White Sea coast are described.

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