Biodiversity and nesting success of waterbirds at the Bougara Dam (Tissemsilt, North-West of Algeria)


B. Meziane*, A. Taibi and M. Mairif

Our study was carried out for two successive years, between 2018 and 2019, at the Bougara Dam, located in northwestern Algeria. 62 species belonging to 17 families were inventoried during the first year of study, Anatidae and Scolopacidae are the best represented with 14 species, Ardeidae with 07 species. These species have shown different phenological statuses, including sedentary nesters, nesting summer visitors, winterers and transient migrants. Among them, 7 species are on the IUCN red list, others appear in international bird protection agreements (AEWA, CMS) or are protected by Algerian law.

The reproduction ecology of nesting waterbirds was studied in 2019, the monitoring of the reproduction of nesting waterbirds reveals the presence of 13 nesting species belonging to 07 families, 101 nests of all species were found, 316 eggs were analyzed. Laying and hatching dates varied by species, as did lay sizes and reproductive success.

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