V.A. Mazur, Y.Y. Branitskyi and H.V. Pantsyreva*

The results of the conducted research show that the formation of bioenergy and economic efficiency of the phytomassswitchgrass –raw materials for biofuel production depends both on the assortment and weather conditions and on the elements of the technology of cultivation the culture. Quantitative indicators are determined, which determine the efficiency of crop production in the context of varieties put to study under different technological methods of cultivation. The influence of the investigated factors on the economic performance of the varieties of the sacramento is determined: Cave in rock and Cartage. It is proved that one of the important indicators that determines the efficiency of cultivation of switchgrass varieties and its value as a bioenergy crop is the output of energy from solid biofuels. It is determined that the optimal technological methods of cultivation make it possible to create the necessary conditions for the processes of plant growth and development, which ultimately will allow to obtain a higher energy output.

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