Biological activity of the soil in sows of winter wheats depending on the main soil treatment in sequence


О.А. Tsyuk, S.P. Tanchyk, V.I. Kyrylyuk, T.V. Shevchenko

The study of soil biological activity by the primary processing systems influence on the intensity of the decomposition of flax linen and the number of microarthropods in winter wheat crops. Cellulose-destroying soil ability by the method of applying linen cloth by Mishustin and Petrova; the number of soil microarthropods – according to the method of stationary study of soils. It is established that soil microbiological processes actively pass through the application of main dump-nonmoldboard soil tillage processing in the crop rotation. Among the precursors of winter wheat, the increased biological activity of the soil was marked the field after perennial grasses, but after corn for silage the field was with lower activity. The main dump-nonmoldboard soil tillage in the crop rotation creates the conditions for its high biological activity. The best conditions for biological activity in winter wheat sowings were formed after clover by one mowing; They were less favorable after corn for silage.

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