Biological features of lactic acid bacteria in distinct ecological niches


T.N. Orlova, R.V. Dorofeev, A.N. Irkitova, I.A. Funk, A.V. Grebenshchikova

Lactic acid bacteria are ubiquitous and occupy various ecological niches. These microorganisms are widely used in various industries due to their high and diverse enzymatic activity. Industry collections of microorganisms with technological valuable properties are created for the construction of bacterial sourdough compositions. The aim of our study was to study mesophilic Lactococci isolated from various ecological niches. Only 9 cultures (out of 100 strains of mesophilic Lactococci isolated from plants) can be attributed to promising for further use in industry. The proportion of strains with industrially valuable properties among animal lactobacilli was 19% higher. Therefore, objects of animal origin are the most appropriate source for isolation of mesophilic Lactococci strains, promising for use in the dairy industry.
Key words: Lactic acid bacteria; Mesophilic lactococci; Ecological niches; Bacterial compositions.

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