O. V. Honcharova, R. P. Paranjak, O.P. Rudenko* and N. А. Lytvyn

The influence of the forage factor on the rate of development of tilapia during cultivation in recirculating aquaculture systems has been investigated. Positive results were obtained regarding the feeding of natural feeds after pre-treatment of the basic medium for cultivation. A model installation of tilapia cultivation with advanced technology of feeding functionally active components is offered, which maximally brings aquaculture production to organic. The efficiency of tilapia cultivation in the polyculture of Orеochromis mosambicus and Florida Red was evaluated. The results of the morphometric evaluation of hydrobionts with a comparative analysis of the effectiveness of the use of Arthrospira (Spirulina) platensis, Artemia salina and amaranth flour in the general diet of tilapia are presented.

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