Birds diversity of Wadi Fatimah Dam area, Makkah region, Saudi Arabia


Abdul-Rahman A. Alasiri, Hassan M. Felemban* and Mohammed I. Mujallid

Study of birds’ diversity in Wadi Fatimah dam area was carried out during the period of 12 months (April 2019-March 2020). A total of 87 bird species were recorded during this study. The study area is about 10 km. The dam is located in a narrow wadi in-between mountain slopes with width of 1.5 Km. The study area was divided into four different sites in upper and lower of the dam: Upper area of the dam: (1) Site with vegetation cover, (2) Site by the mountain slope. Lower area of the dam: (3) Agricultural farms site, (4) Site in the middle of the wadi. Of the 87 bird species observed, 40 were migratory. The most common bird species were: The black kite, The Little Egret, The Palm Dove, The Rock dove, The Little green Bee-eater, The black-bush Chat, The Crested Lark, The Graceful Warbler, The Ruppell's Weaver, The House sparrow. A list of all bird species occurred in the study area was recorded according to different seasons. A number of nesting material for breeding bird species was observed.

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