Brain Processes In Women With Different Modal Alpha-frequency Through The Execution Of Manual Movements With Applying Of Force


A.G. Morenko, O.V. Korzhik

The study involved 136 females of 19-21 years with high and low individual α-modal EEG frequency. We evaluated a simple sensomotor reaction and the choice stepping time, speed capabilities of neural processes during Finger-Tapping Test, as well as performance capacity and coherence of EEG frequency components. These parameters were specified individually, at rest, during doubling and unclenching the fist with power load. Women with high frequency of the α-rhythm were characterized by higher level of selective attention and local changes in the electrical activity of the cerebral cortex. Females with low a-frequency have less differentiated features of cortex activation, which can be caused by lower ductility of brain processes under power load and setting pace. Women with high α-frequency had better speed performance in terms of sense-motor response.

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