Business communications in environmental tourism


K. Naumik-Gladka, O. Kakhovska, E. Darmofal and S. Stankevych*

The authors note that the rapid development of environmental tourism during recent decades is due to growth of social wealth and incomes of population; reduction of working time and increase of free time; successes in the development of air and road transport, communications, and information technology; urbanization; changing priorities in the system of spiritual values of society. The authors emphasize that the purpose of business communication in the field of environmental tourism is the organization and optimization of joint substantive activities. It is proved that environmental tourism should be seen as a system in which intercultural communication is paramount. Tourism activities are impossible without preserving the uniqueness of individual culture and its carriers. At the same time, any intercultural communication is a kind of contrast to ethnocultural identities, including their mutual penetration. It is shown that the main communication barriers in the sphere of environmental tourism are most often the following: a lack of understanding of the importance of communication, improper setting of consciousness, poor message construction, poor memory, and unsuccessful feedback formation.

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