Calanoida (copepoda) Of The Kharkiv Region


S. A. Sidorovsky

This research was focused on distribution of the Calanoida species in the Kharkiv region. Three species were found in the Kharkiv Region for the first time: Hemidiaptomus rylowi Charin, 1929, Hemidiaptomus hungaricus Kiefer, 1933, and Eudiaptomus transylvanicus (Daday, 1890). Additional information on the distribution of Hemidiaptomus rylowi Charin, 1929 were provided, which is listed in the Red Data Book of Ukraine as a threatened species. We did not register some five species - Diaptomus amblyodon Marenzeller, 1873, Diaptomus arnoldi Siewerth, 1928, Diaptomus insignis Smith, 1909, Diaptomus castor (Jurine 1820) in Kharkiv region since first record by G. Fadeev in 1929.

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