Calculation Of Water Balance For The South Desert Area Of Western Siberia By International Monitoring Network Data


R. Meissner, A. A. Bondarovich, V. V. Scherbinin, E. V. Ponkina, A. V. Matsyura, A. V. Puzanov, H. Rupp, G. Schmidt, E. Stephan, P. Illiger, M. Fruhauf, N. F. Harlamova, V. P. Galahov, D. N. Balykin, N. V. Rudev

The study of the water balance is not only of great practical importance, but also of interest from the standpoint of basic science for the researchers of the steppe zone, which has traditionally attracted people for its climate and soil resources. The article presents the results obtained from a network of automatic stations deployed in the framework of the Russian-German scientific cooperation in the field of climate, soil, and hydrological monitoring for 2012-2015. The instrumental data were obtained and the method of soil water balance calculation was performed on the basis of data of automatic weather station observations and lysimetric stations of new generation in the conditions of Western Siberia. <

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