Cereal Phytoliths Of Northern Altai


N.Yu. Speranskaya, M.Yu. Solomonova, M.M. Silantyeva, Yu.V. Genrih, M.S. Blinnikov

The article presents the results of analysis of the phytolith composition of cereals in the Northern Altai. Some 23 species of Poaceae have been studied. For each species, we analyzed a set of silicon particles in leaves, stems, and generative structures. We selected from 22 to 27 significant morphotypes of phytoliths, depending on their morphological affinity. Our results were compared with the wetting factor. We also analyzed the ratio of the composition of phytoliths of cereals and their ecological (edaphotopic) groups and life forms. We founded the correlations between several morphotypes of cereal phytoliths and life forms with optimum species moistening.


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