O.A. Yeremenko*, L.А. Pokoptseva, L.V. Тоdorova and А.V. Shepel

The crop saving is no less important task for farmers than growing it. Crop losses reach 15 percent when sunflower seeds are stored incorrectly. We have conducted an experiment to determine changes in the biochemical composition of sunflower seeds of Lohos and Persei hybrids during long-term storage. We have used laboratory analytical and mathematical statistical methods of research, according to generally accepted methods. The analyzed research on this problem by both national and foreign scientists indicates the relevance of this issue. Our experiments have not revealed a significant difference in the biochemical composition of different hybrids seeds during storage. Throughout the first 6 months of storage in the sunflower seeds post-harvest maturation occurs. It is set that due to antioxidant components in the seed the peroxide processes are inhibited at the end of the first year of storage. At the end of the second year of storage the content of free fatty acids in the sunflower seed of the investigated hybrids increased and was higher than the initial values. According to the results of laboratory researches it has been proven, that the seed material of sunflower does not have substantial changes in biochemical composition during two years under standard storage conditions.

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