Changes Of Zinc Contamination In Hippocampus Cells Of Adrenalectomized Rats


Yu. V. Eshchenko, О. М. Кuchkovsky, V. D. Bovt, Ye. Yu. Gorohovsky, О. А. Bondaruyk, V. M. Omeljanchik

Adrenalectomy causes the decline of zinc maintenance in the neurons of hippocampus and B cells of pancreas that has been observed in experiments on rats. The loss of zinc of these cells has been partly compensated by the injection of adrenalin and prednizolon to the adrenalectomized animals. The increase of zinc maintenance in these cells has been caused by the sharp-stress process due to the simultaneous physical activity and immobilization. The given data prove the participation of adrenal glands in the mechanism of zinc exchanges regulation in central (hippocampus) and peripheral (cells B of pancreas) zinc-containing organs of animals.


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