Chilopoda Of The Steppe Dnieper Area


O. N. Kunah

The Chilopoda of steppe Dnieper area was presented by 15 species. The most typical species are Lithobius forficatus L. and Monotarsobius curtipes C.K. The greatest diversity of studied territory has been registered in natural complexes of Black wood which situated on the border of steppe and forest-steppe zones. We founded strin decrease of biodiversity along the gradient from forest-steppe zone into the south. We discovered the domination and a high diversity of Lithobiomorpha in the north of the studied territory and domination of Geophilimorpha in the central and southern part. The Scolopendromorpha play the important role in the termophulous biogeocenosis n the south part of the investigated area. The considerable transformation of microclimatic conditions within an industrial city explains the appearance of the synantropic scutigeras in technogenic landscapes of Dnepropetrovsk.

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