Combining Of Dairy Cattle And Sheep Breeding ‒ Perspective Or Last Choice?


I.V. Goncharenko, D.T. Vinnichuk, N.V. Bogdanova

The data presented gives ground for the expediency of the accelerated development of milk and meat sheep breeding in Ukraine, which is economically effectively combined with a dairy cattle breeding with an expanded reproduction of Holstein cattle, which milk quality does not yet fully meet the modern requirements. The materials of in-house study on the quality of milk of Holstein cows breed are summarized, the data of the physicochemical composition of sheep milk are given. The experience of studying the dairy productivity of sheep shows that this type of product is of significant importance in the overall balance of gross income of sheep breeding. Comparing a milk yield of a sheep with a milk yield of a dairy cow, not by the gross quantity of milk, but by its equivalents of chemical composition, we have: milk yields of 1 cow are equivalent to the yield of 4-6 sheep. The issues of sheep milk productivity with the purpose of production of sheep's milk and its processing should be reconsidered for obtaining valuable nutritious products - hard cheeses which have an export significance. It is theoretically possible to combine and accelerate the development of cattle and sheep breeding with the formation of specialized dairy stock farming.


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