Complex Estimation Of Biodiversity Of Breeding Waterfowl Communities Of Molochny Estuary: Modern State And Prognosis


V. А. Koshelev, Y. Y. Dubynyna-Pakhushchaya

On results the long-term researches conducted in 1988-2008 the estimation of dynamics of biodiversity the nesting birds’ community of Molochny estuary was performed. The breeding birds’ community of reeds, saline lands, sandy islands and spits, arboreal-shrub jungles were estimated. Is is proved that the gulls, terns, cormorants and passerines were the dominant species during the period of high water. Maximum specific variety was also proved for this time period. In drought seasons of 2001-2010 the water level in estuary went down sharply that had resulted in the decline of biodiversity and amount of breeding birds. Negative trend of biodiversity level was discussed.

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