Composition Of Spearfishermen Catches In The Kakhovka Reservoir


M. L. Maksimenko, N. Ja. Rudik-Leuska

The article represents an analysis of quantitative and qualitative indices of spearfisherman catches in upper part of the Kakhovka reservoir. It was found that spearfishermen utilize (in quantitative aspect) 41% of the commercial fish fauna of the reservoir; the majority (48.8-51.8% of the total weight) of their catches is composed of European catfish – the secondary fish species from the commercial point of view on the Kakhovka reservoir. The size and weight of pikeperch are characterized by prevalence of older age groups, common carp and European catfish – by younger and medium age groups. We suggested that there are seasonal specificity of catches and high degree of species selectivity in recreational fishing. The practicability of additional regulation of spearfishing in comparison with hook and line fishing could be discussed further.

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