Contribution to the valorization of three breeding by products-preliminary estimates


S. Benouadah* and K. Oulbachir

The by-products from breeding represent a source of important fertilization, However the fertilizing value of which remains still difficult to estimate exactly knowing that the organic matter liberates the mineral fertilizing elements slowly in time. Indeed, the nutrients contained in these products are present in different forms, mineral and organic, available for crops in very variable times. In this context, the present study aims to determine the fertilizing value of three types of manure, cattle, horses and poultry. The main analyzes carried out consisted of determination of total nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. These elements give a precise idea of the composition of manure in nutrients. At the same time, we determined the organic matter which makes it possible to estimate the organic carbon content allowing the calculation of the C:N ratio. The latter will make it possible to assess the mineralization capacity of the nitrogen contained in organic products. The pH and the measurement of electrical conductivity were also determined. The results obtained showed that the poultry manure exhibited the highest significant contents of nitrogen and potassium (2.1%) and (2.2%) respectively. So, that he recorded an average phosphorus content with a content of (1.487%). In addition, the lowest significant C: N ratio (11.2) was recorded by this type of manure. It is therefore likely to offer the highest levels of nutrients during the growing season of plants so it should be used for crops with a short vegetative cycle, the other two for crops with a long cycle. Finally, we conclude that the levels of manure fertilizers vary from one manure to another and that manure amendments can contribute positively to the protection and enhancement of our edaphic resources.

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