Culture Filtrate Lignolytic Activity Of Some Strains Of Wood-destroying Basidiomycetes


G. Yu. Kvasko, K. G. Dreval, M. I. Boyko

We studied Ligniloytic and Laccase activity towards Syringaldazine, Guaiacol, and Pyrocatechol in culture filtrates of some strains of basidiomycetes, like S-5, T.ver Trametes versicolor (L.) Lloyd, Kv14-2 Polyporus squamosus (Huds.) Fr, R-4 Phellinus pomaceus (Pers.) Maire, A-????-02, ??-1, K-5, I.1-M, I.1-b, K-1 Irpex lacteus (Fr.) Fr., AnSc-1 Daedaleopsis confragosa f. confragosa (Bolton) J. Schrot, S.hirs Stereum hirsutum, Vs-2 Phellinus pomaceus (Fr.) Fr., T.bif Trametes biforme (Fr.) Pilat., and M.gig Meripilus giganteus (Pers.) P. Karst. The strains are grown on a media with filter paper and lignosulfonate. The highest level of ligninase synthesis was registered for strains M.gig M. giganteus, Vs-2 P. pomaceus, and AnSc-1 D. confragosa that are grown on a media with lignosulfonate. Dynamics of Lignolytic and Laccase activities was variable enough probably because of inhibition of these ferments by the reaction products. We suggested that the maximal period of enzyme activity depends on its substrate specificity.

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