Degasification and removal of dust at mass explosions in pits using a humate reagent in the internal and external storage


V. Shchokin, V. Ezhov, O. Shchokina, E. Chasova

The work is covering the results of research and industrial tests of environmental efficiency of water replacement in internal and external hydraulic wells in the quarries of mining enterprises for humic reagents. According to the results of experimental and industrial tests, it is substantiated that the efficiency of the use of humic reagent in the external water hammer in comparison with the use of technical water proved by dust suppression increases by 20.0%, neutralization of carbon monoxide by 59.4%, and neutralization of nitrogen oxides by 55.1%.

Keywords:  mining ecology; quarry; mass explosion; humic reagent; water hammer; dust suppression; degassing



Patent for utility model

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