Distribution And Content Of Metals In Animals Of Various Ages Under The Influence Of Stress


O. N. Kuchkovsky, Yu. V. Eshchenko, V. N. Omeljanchik, O. A. Bondaryuk, V. D. Bovt

Stress substantially influences the content of Zn, Cu, and Mg in the granulocytes of blood, and also in the cells of metal depended organs (hippocampus, insulocytes, call of Paneth, and prostates), that is expressed in the accumulation of Zn and Mg in cells at sharp stress and in decline of metal accumulation at chronic stress. Changes to Zn content occurred unidirectionally with Mg and in opposite direction regards the Cu content. It is set that the content of Zn and Mg in the cells was considerably lower in juvenile and senile animals than in matures, while the content of Cu was higher. The changes of indices of metal-ligand homeostasis in juvenile animals were more expressed than in adults at chronic stress. Animals of young and senile age can be at risk towards the development of metal deficient and immunodeficiency in the conditions of chronic stress.

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