Distribution of trematodes in waterfowl of Pavlodar Oblast (Kazakhstan)


Akhmetov K.K., Maralbaeva D.G., Matsyura A.V.

The article presents the parasitological studies of Trematoda, collected by complete helminthological dissections of birds in the Pavlodar region of the Republic of Kazakhstan. In Pavlodar region, we have currently diagnosed among the Trematoda, the presence of 16 species belonging to four subgenera and seven families. We supposed that there is a local pest-spot of Prosthogonimidae and Echinistomatidae in the north-east of Kazakhstan, because we have found marites in young migratory birds. We noted that the pest-spot of Echinostomatidae and Echinistomatidae (in years with their registration) in the territory of Pavlodar region was broad enough, because the trematode marites of these families were registered from the birds, sampled at the geographically remote waterbodies. We revealed that the hotspots of Prosthogonimidae localization varied, which was most likely determined by the annual climatic conditions.

Keywords: trematodes, fauna, distribution, Pavlodar region



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