Distributional pattern and level of patronage of parks and garden in Phase 2, Abuja, Nigeria


A. Iwara*, U.N. Victor and L.D. Abalaka

The study examined the distribution and patronage of parks and gardens in Phase 2 of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Abuja Nigeria. Structured questionnaire copies were administered to 377 customers that patronized parks and gardens in Phase 2. Point data of existing parks and gardens were collected with the aid of GPS and transferred into GIS software to determine the location and distribution pattern of parks and garden. Data were statistically analyzed using simple percentages, Nearest Neigbhour Analysis (NNA) and principal components analysis (PCA). Results showed that parks and gardens in Phase 2 showed a clsutering pattern tending toward the west and central. Customers patronized parks and gardens in Phase 2 daily and weekly implying that the parks and gardens were frequently utilized by customers from different works of life and locations. Customers spent different time in the various parks and gardens in the area with majority spending <1 hour to 3-4 hours; and the visitations were made alone as well as in the company of friends. Customers in Phase 2 traveled less than 5 km or made shorter trips and majority lived within the catchment areas of the available park and garden. Service quality/available facilities, existence of security, availability of parking facilities/proximity of parks and cost of transportation/distance were identified as essential factors influencing the patronage of parks and gardens in Phase 2. It is suggested that more parks and gardens should be established in Phase 2 to make accessibility much easier.

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