Dynamics Of Sunflower Rhizosphere Microbiota


G. A. Zhatova, V. I. Trotsenko

Microflora dynamics analysis of the rhizosphere and rhizoplane of sunflower plant genotypes: varieties, hybrid, line was set out. It was found that the number of major ecological and trophic groups of microorganisms in rhizosphere and rhizoplane of sunflower depends on genotypic features of agriculture populations and transpiration of root exometabolites that determine the development and activity of trophic groups of microorganisms. Throughout the growing season of sunflower (the phase of "4-6 leaves" to the maturation phase) we observed the qualitative changes in the composition of the microbiota. In the rhizosphere of hybrid, the microcenosis structure was the most stable, whereas the rhizosphere of crop culture had different dynamics during crop ontogeny. The depressive effect of root exometabolites was connected with genotypic features of the line regards the microflora of rhizosphere and rhizoplane. These features can be used in the F1 hybrids cultivation and primary seed production of self-pollinated homozygous lines.

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