O. Gorash, R. Klymyshena*, V. Khomina and L. Vilchynska

The correspondence of agro-ecological and climatic factors of the external environment of the industrial zone of brewing barley to the biological requirements of barley culture has been analyzed. The peculiarity of brewing barley in the formation of the crop and its quality is characterized by the necessity of directing, in the process of photosynthesis, the accumulation of the carbohydrate component of the grain more than in the protein content. The important role of ensuring these requirements depends mainly on the PAR of the long-wavelength range, especially during the second half of the growing season, during the growth and development of the grain. At this time, an important factor in ensuring the brewing quality of barley is the moisture supply of soil moisture, as it depends on the growth process of the grain. The barley culture belongs to the early spring cereals. Due to the changes in climatic conditions, which is directly related to the zone of industrial brewing of barley by analysis of ten-year temperature data, the favorable conditions for the growth and development of barley, the conditions of sowing in early spring have been found. In particular, sowing time is actually possible 20-25 days earlier than traditional, this is the first and second ten days of March. Conducted trial reconnaissance crops in the first decade of March ensured the effective development of plants and the formation of crops favorable to meet the quality requirements for the cultivation of products for the production of malt. The vegetative period of development before the onset of the generative has increased in plants up to 45 days, which by itself is a rather positive component of the efficiency of cultivation technology according to the results of the analysis of climatic factors of the zone of industrial production of brewing barley. As a result of analytical studies the improvement of ecological and biological compliance of spring barley development for the period 2010-2019 has been revealed. Due to the early onset of heat in March, there was a need to make adjustments to certain elements of technology based on appropriate research to ensure effective implementation of the agro-ecological resource of the area. The urgent tasks, with the aim of balanced processes of spring barley development to energy conditions of the environment, are research with seeding rate, row spacing, depth of seeds wrapping, application of mineral fertilizers.

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