Ecological trails in the specially protected natural areas of Altai Krai


N. G. Prudnikova, M. N. Ignatenko, A. V. Dudnik

The present paper provides results of studying the dynamics of ecological trails development in specially protected natural areas of Altai Krai. The study revealed the average number of the trails visitors, trail length, information content for educating students. Recommendations are given on the further development of this focus area and regular effective work on ecological trails. The authors identified the most attended ecological trails, studied the activities for schoolchildren and tourists on specially equipped trails in the wild. The article also examines the impact of the trails development on the environmental education of schoolchildren and the research work of students of the Department of Recreational Geography, Tourism and Regional Marketing of Altai State University (Geography Department) while developing the environmental routes.
Key words: Ecological trails; Specially protected natural areas; Altai Krai (Region); Environmental education; Development of ecological tourism
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