Ecology and diurnal behavior of the Eurasian coot Fulica atra in the Oubeira Lake (Northeastern Algeria)


H. Saidi, H. Rizi, A. Baaloudj* and M. Houhamdi

The count of adults of the Eurasian coot carried out over two consecutive winter seasons (between October and March 2017/2018 and 2018/2019) occupying Lake Oubeira (Ramsar site, wilaya of El-Tarf, extreme northeastern Algeria) has shown that the number of individuals fluctuates over time between 520 and 8,600 individuals. The results showed that the Eurasian coot exhibited almost the same diurnal behavior during the two study seasons and was dominated by feeding and resting, which represented more than half of the total time, or (69%). In addition, it should be noted that the diurnal behavior of the Eurasian coot Fulica atra showed that the Lake of Oubeira was used as the resting site for this species.

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