T. V. Martyshuk, B. V. Gutyj*, M. M. Zhelavskyi, S. V. Midyk, A. M. Fedorchenko, V. B. Todoriuk, T. B. Nahirniak, Ya. V. Kisera, H. V. Sus, V. A. Chemerys, N. D. Levkivska and I. I. Iglitskej

The aim of our research was to study the effect of Butaselmevit-Plus feed additive on the immune system indexes of piglets during weaning. The study was conducted at Koshet LLC in Mukachevo Raion of Zakarpattia Oblast. We formed two groups of piglets: control (С) and treatment (T) with 10 individuals in each group selected on the basis of analogues – age, breed, and body weight. The animals received nutrition according to the norms for pigs of this age. On the 28th day after birth, the piglets were separated from the saw. Piglets from different litters were rearranged for further wean-to finish maintenance with changes in diet. This period is stressful for the animals. From the age of 5 days, piglets of all groups were fed with pre-starter feed. From the age of 21 to 40 days, piglets of the experimental group received additionally Butaselmevit plus at a dose of 100 mg/kg of body weight per day. Our research material was the blood collected in the morning before feeding. The blood was taken by cranial vena cava puncture – on the 20th day of life (period before weaning), on the 25th day of life (period before weaning), on the 30th day of life (2nd day after weaning), on the 35th day of life (7th day after weaning), and on the 40th day of life (12th day after weaning). Butaselmevit-Plus feed additive contributes to the increase of the number of T and B-lymphocytes in blood of piglets. Components of Butaselmevit-Plus promote activation of the cellular immune system of piglets before and after weaning. Introduced additionally, Butaselmevit-Plus also boosts functional activity of immune competent cells in piglets after weaning. This happens in the result of the redistribution of T and B-lymphocytes receptor apparatus that increases the lymphocytes avidity. When feeding Butaselmevit-Plus to piglets during weaning, we observed the increase in humoral component levels of the immune system during the whole period of study. On the 35th day of life, the treatment group of piglets with Butaselmevit-Plus showed 4.26% increase in neutrophil phagocytic activity. We also observed an increase in phagocyte number and phagocytic index of the pigs in the treatment group – on the 35th day of the experiment the indexes of treatment group exceeded the indexes of control group by 7.5% and 11.2% correspondingly.

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